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I'm a bit of a homebody, which is the antithesis of all the great images I would love to take. Today's links are range of photography-related projects that I wish I was there [if I had the guts!].


  1. exploring an active volcano complex
  2. lining up for giant moonrise captures
  3. snapping the sights of the Amazon
  4. shooting from the top of the pyramids
  5. or taking shots from space

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lime link love // light it up

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Five lighting ideas, tip and tricks for your photography projects:

  1. Working with natural light in portraits
  2. Turn your tablet into a studio light
  3. Save your lighting set-ups with the Lighting Diagram Creator
  4. Make a cheap studio backdrop and reflector
  5. Fabulous flash street photography


lime link love // image inspiration round-up

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