see the light ~ photography exposure guide

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which creative commons licence to use?

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From Creative Commons Australia / click to see the full-sized PDF

And check out their web app

Pocketography ~ every man and his dog and a camera phone

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So you wanna be a photographer?

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From Fotoseeds

what does your favourite Instagram filter say about you?

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what did we do before digital photography?

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Before the age of digital cameras, there was some actual money involved when deciding to take a photo. There was the cost of the film roll and also cost of developing your film and getting prints at the store (more if you picked double prints!). Now there is relatively no cost at all (aside from the cost of your camera + memory card) and you can take (and delete) as many pictures as you want as long as it fits on your memory card. So what kind of pictures did I take in the past that were worthy of being developed?

I have 3,665 photos on my phone camera roll right now and I’d probably only spend money to print 1% of them. I’m ashamed to say that these are the kind of photos I take now.

From twenty pixels