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Five lighting ideas, tip and tricks for your photography projects:

  1. Working with natural light in portraits
  2. Turn your tablet into a studio light
  3. Save your lighting set-ups with the Lighting Diagram Creator
  4. Make a cheap studio backdrop and reflector
  5. Fabulous flash street photography


what does your favourite Instagram filter say about you?

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inspiration // five projects to try this weekend

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what did we do before digital photography?

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Before the age of digital cameras, there was some actual money involved when deciding to take a photo. There was the cost of the film roll and also cost of developing your film and getting prints at the store (more if you picked double prints!). Now there is relatively no cost at all (aside from the cost of your camera + memory card) and you can take (and delete) as many pictures as you want as long as it fits on your memory card. So what kind of pictures did I take in the past that were worthy of being developed?

I have 3,665 photos on my phone camera roll right now and I’d probably only spend money to print 1% of them. I’m ashamed to say that these are the kind of photos I take now.

From twenty pixels

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geekery // iphone + photography + apps = iphonegraphy

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my instagrid

I have, let's face it, too many iPhone apps. As new ones come out I'm constantly adding more and more to my phone. It's fair to say I have an iPhonepgraphy app for every occasion.

These are some of the basic apps that have stood the test of time.

Five I have:

  1. Instagram: Along with its cool filters, I love this app as an easy way to upload to twitter. Also its another great way to connect with your tribe ~ also known as your online friends. I've used instagrid above to pull them all into one website.
  2. Tiny Planet: got this one from dooce - hours of fun with your existing photos turning them into surreal works of art.
  3. Hipstamtic: great concept and great interface. Fun to use.
  4. Incredibooth: only available on iphone4 but turns your phone in to a photo booth, hours of silly fun for all ages.
  5. PS express: what can I say, I'm an adobe nerd, so love the opportunity to have this on my phone.

Check out:

  1. Everyday:  reminds you to take a self-portrait every day. This might be a great way to improve my iphonography skills.
  2. Diptic: for instagram, put together multiple photos in a new image.
  3. Postagram: instagram with a "snail mail" component, send someone you love a postcard
  4. 360 panorama: twirl and take ~ ta da, panorama
  5. Halftone: I can never resist a cool effect.

{top 5} more -~iphoto apps

New favourites.

  • Snapseed ~ a popular and powerful processing, professional grade app for iPhone and iPad. {iTunes link}
  • Marble cam makes it look like your photos are looking through a glass marble. Not so much useful and pretty and fun. {iTunes link}
  • Fotor is a newish app and has a comprehensive range of processing features including effects, colour splash and collages. {iTunes link}
  • Facebook Camera is no Instagram {and the timing of the release was a little odd considering their purchase of the popular app} but does make sharing to the social media site easy. {iTunes link}
  • Hipstamtic D-series is the disposable camera of the Hipstamatic series. You don't see your photos until the film is finished and you can collaborate with friends on the one film. A bit of fun. {iTunes link}

More links:

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inspiration // documenting the everyday and 365 projects

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This amazing photo is by flickr user evabarex and is her 2000th 365 project photo. Considering I can barely make it past a couple of months, I am awestruck by her effort and dedication. Not to mention, what a great image to celebrate the milestone.

Here are some ways you can use photography in different forms in your own daily or 365 project.

365 project


  1. Start a 365 project: Document it on flickr or your blog, or if you have an iPhone, or try the Photo 365 app
  2. Take a portrait : Maybe of you or maybe of your children. Again there is an app for that ~ look for the Everyday app which has some great self-portrait features. Or get the whole family involved and take a photo once a week, once a month or once a year like Diego Goldberg's Arrow of Time
  3. Start a new blog for free on Blogger or WordPress
  4. Document life: one line at a time with this perpetual journal idea using index cards {via one crafty mumma}
  5. Food fun: document favourite food moments, like Tracy at Shutterbean, or try a new vegetable each week like Jodie from Muddled up Mumma.

{this post originally appeared on 74 Lime Lane}


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